HIDA Leatherのロゴ

HIDA Leatherのプロダクトは、受注後クライアントのために自然豊かな飛騨高山の素材を私たちが厳選し、一つ一つ丁寧に製作致します。革の鞣し(フルベジタブルタンニン)から行うため、革の表情や柔らかさ、色味までオーダー可能です。そのため、製作にお時間はいただきますが、その過程も大切な時間だと考えております。時間をかけて丁寧に製作したものは、長く使うことができます。さらに、安心してご使用いただくために、メンテナンスの専用キット、またプロによるメンテナンスサービス(レザースパ)もご用意しております。ただ製作するだけではなく、いかに長く使うかを考えたプロダクトとなっております(Maintenance)。ここ飛騨高山でもトレーサビリティ素材は多く存在しません。それゆえに、HIDA Leatherのプロダクトはストーリーとトレーサビリティにこだわる方に手にしていただきたい家具です。
Products of HIDA Leather carefully selected materials of nature rich Hida Takayama, and are carefully produced one by one for clients after receiving orders. We will have time for production because it is done from tanning of leather, leather expression and softness, colors can be ordered. So we believe that the process is also an important time. we think that these furnitures had made carefully for a long time is the long life as a whole.  In addition, we are preparing a special kit for maintenance and care so that you can use it for a long time with confidence. For those who have difficulty maintaining themselves, we also offer professional services (Leather Spa). It is the product that not only manufactures but also how long you use it.  There aren't taceability materials so much in even here Hida Takayama.  So all our furniture has stories and traceability. They are for people who take traceabolity seriously.

 Sofa  31
¥1,300,000 ~ (+tax)
HIDA oak & HIDA Leather
W700(1P )+1431(2P) D881 H660 SH420
Average lead time is 4 months
Custom sizing available
 Lounge Chair  FLAG
¥285,000 ~ (+tax)
HIDA oak & HIDA Leather
W680 D665 H660 SH350
Average lead time is 3 months
Custom sizing available
 Round floor cushion
@¥18,000 ~ (+tax)
HIDA Leather & urethane foam
φ400 T10
Average lead time is 1 month