HIDA  Gibier Leather


Deer or boar to be exterminated for our convenience. Many wild animals have been captured here in Hida and are used as Gibier’s meat. But with regard to the skin, all was thrown away. So under the cooperation of the hunter we tried to use it even a little, we get the skin that comes out when meat processing is done and developed it as furniture leather. It is furniture leather that you can feel natural mark for vegetable tanning  and white tanning that is peculiar to Himeji. We made wild or elegant one with the diffrence from beef's skin.

HIDA Gibier Leather


Deer skin was easy to peel off, and it was able to smoothly tan in the process following the cow leather. Meanwhile, the tanning of wild boar's skin called armor is a long series of failures. However, in the process of accomplished tannning, there is a history and high technology of Takagi district of Himeji city.

ジビエの原皮 鹿とイノシシ
Boar stool | HLF
Boar stool | HLF